Proceedings – Poster presentations

The poster presentations are available for workshop participants and EWEA members to download below. The oral presentations are also available to download.

Poster title Poster presenter
High-resolution wind forecasts: On-demand and operational forecasting, and observational nudging (PDF) Hálfdán Ágústsson, Head of Research and Development Institute for Meteorological Research – Belgingur
Probabilistic forecast information for the renewable energy sector – can we bridge the gap between theory and praxis? (PDF) Isabel Alberts, Research Scientist Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) Offenbach Germany
Forecasting Wind Energy Production in complex terrain: impact of mesoscale modelling in a forecasting system (PDF) Gianluca Artipoli, Wind Energy Analyst, DEWI GmbH, Italy
One-day ahead Power Forecast in China: the Grid curtailment problem (PDF) Julien Berthaut – Gerentes, Scientific engineer Innovation and Research Meteodyn France
Wind power forecasts in the business process of a Dutch trading house (PDF) Arno Brand, Research Scientist Wind Energy ECN Petten The Netherlands
Wind Power Forecasting For Trading Purposes: The Importance of Managing Wind Volatility (PDF) Marta Soroa, Renewable Energy Consultant en Gnarum tecnología Spain
An application of PCA based approach to large area wind power forecast (PDF) Simone Sperati, Researcher Sustainable, Development and Energy Sources RSE, Italy
Impact of SRTM and Corine Land Cover data on calculated wind, temperature and precipitation values using WRF (PDF) Alexander de Meij, Scientific Engineer, Sustainable Development Noveltis Labege France
Operational wind power forecasting systems based on physical and statistical models (PDF) George Galanis, As. Professor Section of Mathematics, Hellenic Naval Academy & Atmospheric Modeling and Weather Forecasting Group, University of Athens University of Athens,Greece
Short-Term Forecasting of Categorical Changes in Wind Power with Markov Chain Models (PDF) Amanda Hering, Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics and Statistics Colorado School of Mines Golden, USA
The Value of Improved Wind Power Forecasting in the Western Interconnection (PDF) Bri-Mathias Hodge, Research Engineer Transmission and Grid Integration Group National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden, USA
Development of dynamical-statistical short-range probabilistic wind prediction model for wind regimes in coastal and complex terrain (PDF) Kristian Horvath, Head of Applied Modelling Section Department for Research Meteorological and Hydrological Service, Croatia
Statistical Identification of Local and Regional Wind Regimes (PDF) Karen Kazor, Graduate Student Applied Mathematics and Statistics Colorado School of Mines Golden, USA
From Bankable Opportunity to Operations – A New Approach (PDF) Erik Koppen Senior consultant Environment ARCADIS Nederland BV Arnhem The Netherlands
From a Matlab Based Wind Power Forecast to an Integrated EMS Solution (PDF) Stéphanie Lakkis, Project Engineer Energy Management Applications, Siemens AG, Austria
Short-term Forecasting of energy production using CFD simulations (PDF) Matteo Mana, Software Developer, Software Development WindSIm, Norway
RapidWind – Rapidly updated forecasts for wind energy production (PDF) Malte Müller, Researcher Research and Development Norwegian Meteorological Institute Norway
On the wind energy production data deficiencies: simulation from statistical models (PDF) Emil Pelikan, Institute of Computer Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic
Using Bayesian Model Averaging for wind farm group forecasts (PDF) Pål Preede Revheim, Research Fellow Department of Engineering Sciences University of Agder, Norway
Evaluation of NWP Resolution Effect on Wind Speed Forecast Quality for a Wind Farm in Central Sweden (PDF) Martin Haubjerg Rosgaard, ENFOR A/S and the Technical University of Denmark Wind Energy Department
From ensembles to probabalistic wind power forecasts – How cruical is the ensemble size? (PDF) Jeremy Sack, Meteorologist R&D, EWC Weather Consult GmbH, Germany
High-resolution surface modelling for extended-range downscaling of near-surface atmospheric fields over Canada (PDF) Leo Separovic, Physical Scientist, Meteorological Research Division Environment Canada, Canada
EWeLiNE: Development of innovative weather and power forecast models for the grid integration of weather dependent energy sources (PDF) Scott Otterson, postdoctoral research fellow, Energy Economy and Grid Operation Fraunhofer IWES, Germany
The performance evaluation of WRF Model for Short Term Wind Energy Prediction System for Turkey (PDF) Elcin Tan, Instructor Dr. Meteorological Engineering Istanbul Technical University Istanbul Turkey
A Short Term Wind Energy Prediction System for Turkey (PDF) Elcin Tan, Instructor Dr. Meteorological Engineering Istanbul Technical University Istanbul Turkey
A Quantitative Assessment of the Variability of Wind (PDF) Darion Turner, Sales Trader, Trading SmartestEnergy Ltd, UK
Applying Model Output Statistics (MOS) in the new German Project EWeLiNE for enhanced wind forecasting for renewable power generation (PDF) Gernot Vogt, Scientific Researcher Development of Meteorological Applications, Germany