Workshop dinner Faculty Club in Leuven

EWEA Technology Workshops - Wind Power Forecasting 2015

Dinner at EWEA Wind Power Forecasting 2015(photo EWEA)

EWEA had the pleasure to invite all the participants to dinner at the Faculty Club in Leuven, a unique historic setting of beautifully restored buildings of the Grand Beguinage, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Giles Dickson, recently-appointed CEO of the European Wind Energy Association,  welcomed participants at the dinner.

About the Faculty Club

The restored building of the Benguinage offering every convenience to meet the needs of even the most demanding visitor. Faculty Club welcomes its guests to a unique historic setting, either in the beguinage’s Infirmary, which dates back to the 13th century and which was renovated in the 16th and 17th centuries, or in the Convent of Chièvres, which was built in 1561. The ancient historical site of the Grand Beguinage was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in March 2000.