e-Highway2050 aims at developing a methodology to support the planning of the Pan-European Transmission Network, focusing on 2020 to 2050, to ensure the reliable delivery of renewable electricity and pan-European market integration.

Running time: September 2012 – December 2015

The e-Highway2050 project consortium brings together the transnational expertise of partners from academia, industry, research and society in general. The combined effect of the pan-European cooperation between transmission system operators, companies, universities, research institutions, energy associations and an NGO facilitates a unique concentration of expertise in the field of transmission system expansion and the integration of renewable energies. The project is coordinated by RTE.

Project website: www.e-highway2050.eu

Amprion, Germany
Brunel University, UK
CEPS, Czech Republic
Collingwood Environmental Planning (CEP), UK
Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain
ELIA System Operator, Belgium & Germany
Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands , ECN, the Netherland
German Energy Agency – dena, Germany
EnSiEL, Italy
ENTSO-E, Belgium
Eurelectric, Belgium
Europacable, Belgium
European Wind Energy Association, EWEA, Belgium
E3G, Belgium
Institute of Power Engineering (IEN), Poland
Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Portugal
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL), Belgium
PSE Operator, Poland
REN, Portugal
Ricerca Sistema Energetico, Italy
RTE, France
SINTEF, Norway
Swissgrid, Switzerland
Terna, Italy
TU Berlin, Germany
T&D Europe, Belgium

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