Analysis of Operating Wind Farms: Learning the Lessons from Operational Sites

Monday 2 & Tuesday 3 July 2012
Lyon Convention Centre, Cité Internationale, Lyon, France

Photos: presenters

Oisin Brady, Natural Power Consultants, France

Tom Cronin DTU Wind Energy, Denmark

Chris Smith, E.ON Climate and Renewables, Germany

Luc Rademakers, ECN, The Netherlands

Kai Mönnich, DEWI GmbH, Germany

Power performance session

Frank Ormel, Vestas, Denmark

Mark Young, DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, UK

Availability and asset monitoring session

Jose Carlos Araujo Martin, Iberdrola Renovables, Spain

Harald Decker, IEC, Switzerland

Turbine-by-turbine performance session

Peter Stuart, RES Ltd, UK

Richard Boddington, SgurrEnergy Ltd, UK

Opening session

Scott MacKenzie, Natural Power Consultants, UK

Post-construction yield analysis techniques session

Andrew Strachan, GL Garrad Hassan, UK

Jessica Cameron, Natural Power Consultants, UK

Axel Albers, Deutsche WindGuard GmbH, Germany

Tomas Blodau, REpower, Germany

Rozenn Wagner, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark

Javier García Gonzalez, Iberdrola Renovables, Spain

Teresa Santonato, EREDA, Spain

Kasper Van Lombeek, Belwind nv, Belgium

Mike Anderson, RES Ltd, UK

Keir Harman, GL Garrad Hassan, UK

Michael C. Brower, AWS Truepower, USA

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