Market 4RES

Post 2020 framework in a liberalised electricity market with large share of Renewable Energy Sources

Market 4RES is a project that focuses on electricity market design to support a more efficient integration of renewable energy (RES-E) into the pan-European electricity system, in line with the 2020 objectives - and the forthcoming 2030 targets.

In particular, the project aims at answering the question of whether the current design of the liberalised European market for electricity, the so-called Target Model (TM) which is expected to be fully implemented by 2015, provides sufficient investment incentives for RES post 2020 and how these incentives can be further attracted.

Running time: 1 April 2014 - 1 September 2016

Market 4RES receives funding under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Union. It is the result of the collaboration of 11 partners from the industry, market analysis and research sector, with SINTEF Energy Research (Norway) as leading partner.

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