EWEA Secretariat

Executive Division

Public Affairs Division

  • Director for Public Affairs: Ivan Pineda
  • Deputy Director for Public Affairs: Pierre Tardieu
  • Spokesperson: Oliver Joy
  • Advocacy Team
    • Senior Political Advisor - Grid Int.: Paul Wilczek
    • Political Affairs Advisor - ETS: Joel Meggelaars
    • Political Affairs Advisor - Stable Frameworks: vacant
    • Political Communications Officer: Benjamin Wilhelm
  • Projects Team
    • Senior Project Manager: Dorina Iuga
    • Senior Project Manager: Sharon Wokke
    • Project Manager: Emanuela Giovannetti
    • Project Manager: Edit Nielsen
    • Project Assistant: Diletta Zeni
  • Business Intelligence Team
    • Senior Environment & Planning Analyst: Angeliki Koulouri
    • Finance Analyst: Ariola Mbistrova
    • Offshore Wind Analyst: Andrew Ho
    • Stable Framework Analyst: Giorgio Corbetta
  • Corporate Governance & Conference Programmes Team
    • Head of Corporate Governance & Conference Programmes: Tim Robinson
    • Conference Programme Manager: Lorenzo Morselli
    • Conference Programme Manager: Alice Rosmi
    • Corporate Governance Administrator: Amy Linehan
  • Head of Regulatory Affairs: Stephane Bourgeois (on sabbatical)

E-mail: [email protected]

Membership, Marketing & Business Development Division

  • Director of Membership, Marketing & Business Development: vacant
  • Events Team
    • Head of Events: Celia Galeotti
    • Event Manager Exhibition: Aleksandra Nowak
    • Registration Manager: Anne Lannoy
    • Events Officer: Mia Magazin
    • Events Assistant - Logistics: Smita Pati
  • Membership & Business Development Team
    • Head of Membership & Business Development: Christelle Roche
    • Business Development Manager: Joana Griffin
    • Business Development Officer: Raul Lanzarote
    • Key Account Manager: Anne-Benedicte Genachte
    • Membership Officer: Iga Niewiadomska (on maternity leave)
    • Membership Officer: Silvia Zappino (ad interim)
  • Marketing Team
    • Senior Marketing Manager: Deborah Yates
    • Creative Manager: Clara Ros
    • Senior Web Manager: Jason Bickley
    • Digital/Copywriter: vacant

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Business Operations Division

  • Finance Team
    • Financial Controller: Luis Liro
    • Accounting Manager: Daniela Moraga
    • Accountant: Madeleine Kabeya
    • Junior Accountant: vacant
  • HR & Legal Team
    • Head of Human Resources & Legal: Eline Post
    • Payroll Officer & HR Administrator: Lucienne De Borger
  • IT Team
    • IT Manager: Peter Deroost
    • CRM Data & System Manager: Maria Szumielewicz

E-mail: [email protected]

CEO Office & Office Management

  • Chief of Staff: Flavia Trevisani
  • Executive Assistant: Marie Leveque
  • Office Administrator: Karim El Idrissi
  • EWEA Reception: Danai Biniari