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EWEA's health and safety video

EWEA has produced an industry-leading health and safety video, which was premièred at the EWEA Annual Event in Barcelona. Click on the play button below to watch the video.

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Health and Safety is the highest priority for the wind industry and an important area of work for EWEA.

EWEA's work on Health and Safety is focused on promotion of best practice and harmonisation of HSE regulation, standards, training, safety rules, documentation of work, etc. This is a vital and necessary to reduce risks for personnel in the wind industry working on-site.

EWEA Health and Safety work will cover:

  • Developing EWEA Europe-wide best-practice health and safety recommendations;
  • Hosting and disseminating for information standards and recommendations adopted by other bodies and associations deemed by EWEA as representing industry best-practice (see GWO below);
  • Providing an overview of existing European HSE collaborative projects, and maintain a web platform for exchange of best practice;
  • Developing and maintaining a Europe-wide clearing-house mechanism to report and aggregate data on health and safety incidents;
  • Collating and issuing best practice industry recommendations for HSE;
  • Carrying out reviews of national regulation with an aim to identify scope for approximation or harmonization.

Industry best practices hosted by EWEA

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Health & Safety guidelines

Working at height and in hostile maritime environments are just two health and safety situations the wind energy has to deal with. EWEA's guidelines bring together best practice and recommendations for the whole industry.

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