Wind Turbine Sound 2014

9-10 December 2014, Malmö, Sweden

Wind Turbine Sound 2014

Wind Turbine Sound 2014

Proceedings: all participants have been given the link to the page from which they can download all presentations. Proceedings are also available free of charge to all EWEA members via the EWEA Members’ Area. For non-EWEA members, proceedings can be ordered on this page.

The second edition of EWEA’s technology workshop on wind turbine sound took place in Malmö, Sweden, on 9-10 December 2014.

The workshop attracted over 100 professionals including:

  • Turbine & supply chain manufacturers: aero-acousticians, mechanical engineers
  • Project developers: sound analysts, wind farm designers, developers
  • Merchant banks/finance houses: risk assessors
  • Acoustic consultancies: sound analysts, wind farm designers
  • Academics & researchers

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The 2014 EWEA sound workshop had common threads running through the different sessions. These threads are:

  • Amplitude modulation (AM/OAM)
  • Low-frequency sounds (LFS)
  • Sound levels
  • Tones

In relation with these threads, the workshop covered the following topics:

  • Human perception of sound
  • National guidelines on noise
  • Real-world sound measurements
  • Wind farm design
  • Wind turbine design

View the workshop’s programme and check out which posters were presented at the event.


These leading companies exhibited at the workshop:

DNV-GL logo Acoutronic AB

For exhibition and sponsorship opportunities with a highly targeted audience contact Lorenzo Morselli: [email protected] or tel: +32 2 213 1821.