Analysis of Operating Wind Farms: Learning the Lessons from Operational Sites

Monday 2 & Tuesday 3 July 2012
Lyon Convention Centre, Cité Internationale, Lyon, France

Chairs and presenters

Presenters and chairs:

  • Axel Albers, Managing Director, Deutsche WindGuard GmbH;
  • Mike Anderson, Group Technical Director, RES – Renewable Energy Systems Ltd;
  • José Carlos Araujo Martin, Asset Performance Analysis and Commercial Operations Tools, Iberdrola Renovables;
  • Tomas Blodau-Konick, Team Leader Wind and Site, REpower;
  • Richard Boddington, Director of Measurement and Analysis, SgurrEnergy Ltd;
  • Oisin Brady, Director, Natural Power, France
  • Michael C. Brower, Principal and Chief Technical Officer, AWS Truepower;
  • Jessica Cameron, Asset Analyst, Natural Power Consultants;
  • Tom Cronin, Special Advisor, DTU Wind Energy;
  • Harald Decker, Member – PT26 Working Group, Technical Committee 88 – Wind turbines, IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission
  • Javier García Gonzalez-Quijano, Head of Asset Performance Analysis and Commercial Operation Tools Department, Iberdrola Renovables;
  • Keir Harman, Head of Asset Management and Optimisation Services, GL Garrad Hassan;
  • Scott MacKenzie, Associate Director – Asset Management, Natural Power Consultants;
  • Kai Mönnich, Head of Micrositing International, DEWI GmbH;
  • Frank Ormel, Chief Specialist Product Performance, Vestas;
  • Luc Rademakers, Senior Manager Wind Energy Systems, ECN, The Netherlands
  • Teresa Santonato, Responsible for Analysis and Support, EREDA;
  • Chris Smith, Technical Contracting (O&M), E.ON Climate and Renewables;
  • Andrew Strachan, Senior Engineer, Asset Management and Optimisation Services, GL Garrad Hassan;
  • Peter Stuart, Technical Analyst,  RES – Renewable Energy Systems Ltd;
  • Kasper Van Lombeek, Operations and Maintenance Engineer, Belwind nv;
  • Rozenn Wagner, DTU Wind Energy;
  • Mark Young, Head of Department, Cleaner Energy, DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability.