Membership FAQ

1. What is EWEA's goal?

The object of the Association shall be to serve the needs of the organisations active in the European wind sector by providing the necessary stable regulatory framework.

EWEA aims to:

  • strengthen the development of wind energy markets and technology in Europe and worldwide in order to allow wind energy to achieve its full potential and contribute to a sustainable energy future;
  • act as the central network on wind energy issues for its members and stimulate interaction with wider constituencies;
  • promote, through the joint efforts of its members, the best interests of the wind energy sector and act as the single voice of the wind industry;

With its portfolio of membership services and benefits, EWEA supports the development of its members in the European wind industry.

2. Who are EWEA's members?

EWEA membership base is composed of over 600 corporations, associations or research and academic institutions from more than 50 countries and active in the whole supply chain of the sector.

3. What does EWEA membership imply?

Investing in wind should be a long-term commitment. As part of the largest network in the wind sector, EWEA members are committed to play an active role in EWEA activities and during EWEA events.

4. How can I apply for EWEA membership?

To join simply complete and sign the membership contract and e-mail it to [email protected]. You will be contacted by our membership staff in order to be provided with more information about EWEA activities and services and learn more about your expectations with respect to EWEA membership.

5. How are EWEA membership fees calculated?

Membership fees are categorised according to the member’s turnover in the wind energy sector at a global level in the year prior to the signing of the membership contract, starting from as low as €1,715 per year for private companies and €685 per year for associations.

Membership fees are indexed on an annual basis, following a decision by the EWEA Board. The 2014 indexation was 1.5%.

6. How long does EWEA membership last?

After the signature and submission of the membership contract to EWEA (and upon approval of the EWEA Board), membership is retained for at least 12 calendar months from the date of signature.

Membership is renewed, and an invoice issued, automatically at the beginning of each year, unless it is cancelled in writing by registered letter before 30 September (3 months prior to the annual renewal date).

7. What is the supervisory board?

The supervisory board consists of seven members who are appointed by the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer of EWEA.

The Supervisory Board shall meet at least once a month in person or by telephone conference.

8. What is the function of the Supervisory Board?

Its power is to:

  • advise the Chief Executive Officer of EWEA and ensure that important management decisions can be adopted within a short period of time;
  • supervise the execution of the business plan as approved by the Board of Directors; and
  • decide the acceptance of new members. An application for membership shall be accepted if it is unanimously approved by the Supervisory Board.

9. Can individuals become EWEA members?

Only if they have made an outstanding contribution to wind energy and are invited by the Board of Directors.