Completed Projects

EWEA has coordinated and participated in the following completed projects.

(April 2010 - September 2013)

Twenties was a grids project that looked into how to operate grid systems with large amounts of wind and other renewables. It was the largest renewable energy project ever funded by the EU.


(May 2010 - June 2012)

SEANERGY 2020 was funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme and was coordinated by EWEA. It focused on maritime spatial planning from the offshore renewable energy perspective. It provided policy recommendations on how to promote a more integrated and coordinated approach to maritime spatial planning and facilitate the implementation of the 20% Renewables Directive.

For more information, read the full report.


(March 2010 - August 2011)

ORECCA (Offshore Renewable Energy Conversion platforms - Coordination Action) aimed to create a framework for knowledge sharing, and develop a research roadmap for activities in the context of offshore renewable energy.


(May 2009 – October 2011)

OffshoreGrid was a techno-economic study within the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. It developed a scientific view of an offshore grid in Northern Europe along with a suitable regulatory framework considering technical, economic, policy and regulatory aspects.


(March 2006 - February 2011)

UpWind was Europe’s largest European R&D wind energy project. It was a five year project that aimed to develop and verify substantially improved models of the principal wind turbine components, which the industry needs for the design and  manufacture of wind turbines for very large-scale future applications, e.g. offshore wind farms of several hundred MW. The wind turbines needed will be very large (>8-10 MW) and the rotor diameter will be over 120m. Present design methods and the available components and materials do not allow such  up-scaling.


(December 2008 – November 2010)

Analysis of administrative and grid access barriers affecting wind energy development in the EU27 – a toolkit for policy makers.


(March 2007 - March 2010)

The “Wind Energy Technology Platform Secretariat” (WindSec) was an EU funded project under FP6. The project was aimed at optimising the activities of the European Wind Energy Technology Platform (TPWind), and developing its infrastructure. WindSec played a key role, along with the active participation of its members, towards the achievement of TPWind objectives.

Wind Energy - The Facts II

(November 2007 - October 2009)

The Wind Energy – the Facts II project (2007-2009, funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme) was a follow-up of the 2004 edition of the same name. The project aimed at answering new questions and challenges that emerged in relation to wind by creating an exhaustive publication and a regularly updated website on wind energy.


(November 2006 - February 2009)

The TradeWind project addressed one of the most challenging issues facing wind energy: its maximal and reliable integration in trans-European power markets.

EWEA is now WindEurope

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