Analysis of Operating Wind Farms: Learning the Lessons from Operational Sites

Monday 2 & Tuesday 3 July 2012
Lyon Convention Centre, Cité Internationale, Lyon, France

What is the industry standard for post-construction yield analysis techniques? Delegates found out in Lyon!

Many thanks to the 59 people who took part in the survey, including representatives of:

  • 3E, Belgium
  • Actua ApS, Denmark
  • ALTRAN, Spain
  • Avent Lidar Technology, France
  • AWEI, UK
  • AWS Truepower, LLC, USA
  • AXYS Technologies, Canada
  • Barlovento Recursos Naturales, Spain
  • BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH, Germany
  • DCNS, France
  • DNV KEMA, Netherlands
  • Dong Energy, Denmark
  • DTU Wind Energy, Denmark
  • ECN, The Netherlands
  • Entegra Ltd, India
  • Eole Generation, France
  • EOLE-RES, France
  • E.ON New Build and Technology, UK
  • ERELIA / GDF SUEZ, France
  • ESB International, Ireland
  • Fundación CIRCE, Spain
  • GL Garrad Hassan, UK
  • Gotland University, Sweden
  • ITOCHU Techno-solutions corporation, Japan
  • Kjeller Vindteknikk, Sweden
  • MEGAJOULE, Portugal
  • Meridian Energy Ltd, New Zealand
  • Moshanir Power Engineering Consultants, Iran
  • Natural Power, UK
  • REpower Systems, Germany
  • RES, UK
  • SSE Renewables, UK
  • Suzlon, India
  • Tractebel Engineering (GDF SUEZ), Belgium
  • TU Delft, Netherlands
  • University of Parma, Italy
  • VERBUND Renewable Power GmbH, Austria
  • WindForces – a RESPR division, USA
  • Wind Prospect SAS, France
  • Wind-Consult, Germany

The workshop included a session presenting the results of a survey of standard techniques for operational yield assessment.

The key aims of this session were to gauge the level of industry consensus on methods for predicting the long-term energy yield of operating wind farms and debate the path that the industryshould be taking with respect to long-term production forecasting.

In order to provide a thorough cross-section of opinion on post-construction yield analysis techniques, a comprehensive survey was available from 15 May to  15 June, covering key topics including:

  • Definition of long-term wind trends;
  • Mission critical SCADA tests;
  • Availability – defining and taking account of downtime losses;
  • Power curve analysis; rationale, techniques;
  • Correlations techniques; any advance on traditional MCP (measure, correlate, predict)?
  • Uncertainties;
  • The future of production yield forecasting.

The results of this survey were presented in detail at the event followed by a panel discussion with experienced wind engineers, designed to highlight key areas of agreement and disagreement. This kicked off an open floor debate that allowed everyone to voice their opinion on state of the art techniques and where the future lies.