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EWEA’s public debate: turning the EU 2030 targets into a stable framework

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Meeting the 2030 renewable energy objective thanks to a robust governance system


"The EU Commission has turned its back on jobs, leadership and energy security"

So commented EWEA on the package published by the Commission in January proposing a weak 27% renewables target for 2030. What are the benefits of a more ambitious 30% target, binding at national level?

EWEA 2030 30% target

...and all these benefits come for less than 0.1% additional costs!

All figures from the European Commission’s 2030 impact assessment, scenario with 30% renewables and higher energy efficiency.

See EWEA's analysis of the 2030 impact assessment.

2030 Business Statement

173 companies and organisations have joined the call for an ambitious 2030 target – to add your logo or find out more information contact Sarah Azau [email protected]

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What about a greenhouse gas reduction target?

EWEA favours a 2030 climate and energy framework based on:

  • A 2030 renewable energy target
  • A 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target
  • A 2030 energy efficiency target
  • We also need investments in grid infrastructure, a fair energy market and support for R&D

A greenhouse gas target is critical to putting a price on carbon and making polluters pay, but alone it will not provide the jobs, growth, energy security and cost decreases of a renewables target.

When will this be decided?

In the next few months!

  • The Commission issued its Communication on 2030 in January 2014.
    (Read EWEA's press release)
  • The European Parliament supported three targets including minimum 30% renewables in February 2014.
  • The Heads of States in March 2014 called for ambition and agreed a roadmap to decide on the direction of the proposals by October 2014. (Read EWEA's briefing on the 2030 Climate and Energy package 24 October 2014)
  • Based on the Heads of States' recommendations, the European Commission will propose measures to implement the package, some - such as the ETS Market Stability Reserve - are already in discussion.

See EWEA's 2030 brochure for more information and visuals.
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