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The offshore wind industry announces their new year resolutions for 2015


Onshore wind energy has become cost competitive with non-renewables when externalities are considered, but for the offshore sector, there are many technical, financial and political challenges still to overcome. So what direction should the offshore wind industry take in 2015 to meet those challenges and to keep itself on track for meeting its potential?

Reducing cost will be a big part of the industry’s future. “It is my vision and expectation that 2015 will be the year where we will see clear evidence that the offshore wind industry is on track to deliver on our committed aspiration to reduce cost,” Samuel Leupold, DONG Energy’s Executive Vice President for wind power, said.

Executives will need to guide their companies toward closer collaboration within the value chain in order to achieve that aspiration and to support the continued growth of the industry. Sharing knowledge and cooperating in innovation will help drive the industry toward its goal of reducing costs and becoming more competitive within the energy market.

MHI-Vestas Offshore Wind’s CEO Jens Tommerup has the vision and conviction that “2015 will be a breakthrough year for the industry to present a united voice towards establishing offshore wind as a mature source of energy in Europe.” With the EU’s mandate of 20% less carbon emissions by 2020 drawing nearer, offshore wind will need to show its worth to policymakers as a viable and cost-effective alternative source of energy.

With a specific emphasis on cost reduction, the EWEA OFFSHORE 2015 conference will be an ideal way for the industry “to show politicians the concrete examples of cost reduction in offshore wind that will make them see they cannot afford not to get behind the industry,” as Michael Hannibal, CEO Offshore of Siemens Wind Power Division, suggests.

This March, C-level industry executives and policymakers will gather at EWEA OFFSHORE 2015 to set the agenda for the future of offshore wind energy in 2015.

Two C-level plenary sessions will be held during the event on Tuesday 10 March and Wednesday 11 March, giving executives a chance to come together and kick-start a new spirit of collaboration within the industry.

Conference delegates at EWEA OFFSHORE 2015 will have the chance ask questions and challenge industry leaders as to whether they think the industry can deliver and succeed in putting the industry on the right path towards becoming a mature energy source. Exhibition visitors can upgrade their pass to attend the plenary sessions by purchasing single session tickets on registration.