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Little effort, big impact.Danish pavilion

Being part of a pavilion offers the opportunity to exhibit at this international exhibition at attractive conditions. National pavilions are designed to take the hassle out of exhibiting overseas, providing a high return on investment and helping participants make the most of important international marketing opportunities. Contact your local pavilion organiser for more information:

Name Contact details Website Stand no.

Basque Country Pavilion

Cluster Energia

Contact: Ms. Miriam Frances
[email protected] C2-B28

Danish Pavilion

Danish Wind Export Association

Contact: Mrs. Susanne Toft
[email protected] E-D1, E-D11, E-D19, E-D2, E-D6, E-D10, E-C10, E-D18, E-D30, E-D40, E-D52, E-D56, E-D20, E-D12, E-D32, E-D42

Dutch Pavilion

Netherlands Maritime Technology

Contact: Mr. Arne Heutink
[email protected] C1-B6, C1-B8, C2-A6, C2-A8, C2-B6, C2-B8

French Pavilion


Contact: Ms. Agathe Loubert
[email protected] A-D16, A-D22, A-E22

German Pavilion

Windenergie-Agentur Bremen e.V.

Contact: Ms. Anne Claire Bunte
[email protected] C4-C39

IMCA Pavilion

International Marine Contractors Association

Contact: Ms. Claudine Bleza
[email protected] C1-A14

Norwegian Pavilion

Innovation Norway

Contact: Mr. Thomas Bjerkmann
[email protected] E-F77, E-F76

Scottish Pavilion

Scottish Development International

Contact: Mr. Andrew Vaughan
[email protected]
http://www.scottishdevelopment C3-C30

UK Pavilion

UKTI / Renewable UK

Contact: Mr. Garth Halliday
[email protected] A-C12

First-time exhibitors pavilion

Name Stand No. Country Website
Achilles A-D28 Sweden
Baker Consultants Marine Ltd A-D27 U.K.
DMI Danish Meteorological Institute A-D23 Denmark
Floating Power Plant A-D25 Denmark
Hilman Rollers A-E23 USA
Kromann Reumert A-D24 Denmark
Latgales stabu konstrukcijas LTD A-C24 Latvia
Primo Marine A-D26 The Netherlands
SIMPACK AG A-C28 Germany
Specma Wiro AB A-E27 Sweden
Zensor A-E25 Belgium

EWEA offshore pavilions