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Event ambassadors

Samuel Leupold

Executive Vice President for wind power at DONG Energy

Samuel Leupold, event ambassador

Offshore wind is now starting to demonstrate its enormous potential, as a scalable resource for Europe and the world with prospects of significantly reducing costs. Active and farsighted EU and national policies have backed the industry to this point. Further policy support is needed for offshore wind to reach its full potential, but as an industry we see the path of offshore wind becoming fully competitive during the next decade.”

DONG Energy

Jens Tommerup

CEO MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

Jens Tommerup, event ambassador

Only by building strong partnerships and leveraging on technical expertise and financial strength across the industry, can the necessary reductions in the cost of energy be made to bring offshore wind on par with other energy sources, both here in Europe as well as in Asia and the USA. I look forward to seeing you at EWEA OFFSHORE 2015 which provides an ideal platform to build on these partnerships.”

Michael Hannibal

CEO Offshore of Siemens Wind Power Division

Michael Hannibal, event ambassador

The offshore wind industry needs to bring down the costs across the whole value chain. The main levers are innovation in technology, along with industrializing the supply chain including installation and logistics. EWEA OFFSHORE 2015 is the perfect opportunity for experts to share their best practices in a joint effort to make offshore wind power competitive with conventional energy sources.”