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New design tool for offshore clusters

When: Tuesday 10 March, 14:30-16:30 (welcome coffee from 14:00)
Where: Room 7

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After 3 years of research and software integration, the European Energy Research Alliance – Design Tool for Offshore Wind Farm Cluster project (EERA-DTOC) presents the result of its findings: the Wind and Economy design tool.

WindEco addresses some of the big challenges of planning offshore wind farm clusters by allowing wind farm developers to comprehensively model the large-scale effects of clustered wind farms in order to optimise the wind farm’s layout through calculating annual energy production, estimating losses and predicting costs.

The tool can also help strategic planners in defining potential areas for new offshore clusters, optimising onshore grid connections and simulating services like power balancing and voltage support from offshore wind farms.



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(EERA-DTOC is co-funded by the European Union through its Seventh Framework Programme)