Taking your business outside Europe

As the exhibition halls at EWEA 2014 start to hum to the tune of stand parties and beer receptions, attention is already turning to what’s on tomorrow’s agenda at EWEA 2014 in Barcelona.

If your business is looking for new opportunities while Europe’s politicians dither in their support for renewables, then tomorrow’s “outside the box: finding new growth opportunities” session is a must-attend. The session will see inspiration from the US where companies will talk about their survival strategies for the boom and bust years. Google and the finance sector will then discuss the new opportunities they see in wind.

Later on in the day, the Global Wind Energy Council will turn the spotlight on three promising markets outside of Europe – Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. Pick up the keys to these markets and see the connections you need to make.

Meanwhile, from aerodynamics and remote sensing to foundation and floating turbines, tomorrow’s conference agenda has plenty of technical fodder for thought.

Health and Safety is also high on the agenda at EWEA 2014 tomorrow, with the third European Wind Energy Summit on Health and Safety. If health and safety matters to you, sign up to attend.

All that takes place against the back-drop of the packed EWEA 2014 exhibition halls with hundreds of companies represented – it’s the place to make the business contacts that matter.