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Video stories and B-roll from the EWEA Annual Event are being produced by Large Blue and distributed by GREEN.TV. Most are made available for download in broadcast quality. Simply right-click and “Save as” to download the highest quality version.

EWEA 2012 Annual Event Day Three

In planning the energy of the future, 2020 is tomorrow

CEO’s, Ministers, Commissioners all agree – 2030 targets are what is needed if we are to reduce emissions by the necessary 80-95%. EWEA CEO Christian Kjaer points out it can take 15 years to plan a power line, so deciding what will happen after 2020 is imperative. Siemens Wind Power CEO Felix Ferlemann stresses the need for the right policy signals to enable wind to meet 50% of EU electricity demand, while Danish Wind Energy Association CEO Jan Serup Hylleberg emphasises the need to continue to develop our renewable energy sources. Also featuring EU Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger and Danish Minister for Energy Martin Lidegaard.

EWEA 2012 Annual Event Day Two

Denmark, leader and pioneer in wind energy

On the first day of EWEA 2012 Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt told delegates that Denmark is aiming for 100% renewables by 2050. This video features Danish Wind Energy Association CEO Jan Hylleberg explaining how Denmark has positioned itself as a leader and pioneer in wind energy, a visit to the first Danish offshore wind farm, EWEA CEO Christian Kjaer on how Denmark shows the extent to which a country can use renewables and Michael Hannibal, Head of Offshore Siemens Wind Power on Danish government support for wind energy.

EWEA 2012 Annual Event Day one

Keynote speakers at EWEA 2012 talk about green growth

The contribution wind energy already makes to the European economy, in terms of jobs, taxes and exports, and the possibilities it holds for growth in the future. Importantly, green growth will bring a reduction of dependency on fossil fuels and benefit the environment, as well as fostering innovation and maintaining European leadership in wind energy technology. Speakers include EWEA CEO Christian Kjaer, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, Felix Ferlemann, CEO of Siemens Wind Power and EWEA President Arthouros Zervos.

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