TWENTIES workshop:


Unveiling the future energy system:
full scale demonstrations to reach 2020 targets

Tuesday 17 April 2012 – 13:00-18:00
Room 18, Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

TWENTIES (‘large scale integration of wind power’) is one of the largest renewable energy projects ever funded by the European Commission. Its objective is to advance the consolidation of wind power generation into the European electricity system. TWENTIES uses full scale demonstrations to examine barriers to accommodating the amount of wind energy required to reach the EU’s 2020 targets.

This event will update participants on the project findings:

  • Results of real tests to demonstrate the feasibility of wind farm participation in the Spanish secondary regulation, and their contribution to wide area voltage control;
  • Lessons learnt from a practical deployment of a VPP and its participation in the Danish market;
  • Technical and economic considerations for the design, protection and control of meshed DC Grids in order to allow for off-shore take off;
  • Best strategies to prevent and mitigate the consequences of massive wind power  shutdowns during storm passages, including forecast tools, new capabilities at wind turbine level, and energy balancing mechanisms;
  • Demonstration of innovative solutions to improve the grid flexibility for the integration of high shares of wind power such as: smart coordination of power flow control devices, dynamic line rating, and WAMS;
  • Lessons learnt and recommendations from the administrative point of view for licensing of new off-shore interconnectors;
  • Methodologies and first results on the economic impact assessment of the proposed solutions, their replicability at EU level and their expected contribution to 2020 targets.

Download the agenda (PDF)

This workshop is targeted at general wind energy industry, manufacturers, system operators, and policy makers.

For further information about the TWENTIES project and this workshop, please contact: Miguel Lorenzo Sotelo: [email protected] or visit

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