Conference theme and tracks

Innovating today, shaping tomorrow

The conference programme at EWEA 2012 is being developed around a main theme, which will guide the selection of presentations and scope of the sessions. The focus is on innovating – the major driver of the industry – not only in terms of technological advances, but also in adopting new approaches, finding creative solutions to problems and sharing a unique perspective.

From small seeds, big new ideas grow

Wind power has grown enormously over the past few decades – from relatively modest beginnings to a mature energy technology. Innovation has been crucial in this rapid development, especially for the European wind energy industry. For the industry to continue its growth, we must strive to remain innovative in all aspects of our activities – from the products we design to the political frameworks and business models that shape our future direction.  More than ever, we are faced with challenges on major fronts: the economic downturn, competition from emerging non-EU markets, shifting policy environments and lack of funding – and other emerging renewable technologies. Every year, the EWEA Annual Event brings together companies and individuals to play an active role in shaping the future of our industry – and enabling the innovation today that is crucial for building a better tomorrow for wind energy.

Back to the birthplace of wind energy

Few countries know as much about innovation in wind power as EWEA 2012 host country, Denmark. Since Danish inventor Poul la Cour produced one of the earliest prototypes of electricity-generating wind turbines in the late 19th century, the country has become a global leader in wind energy, now accounting for almost half of the world’s turbine production and home to some of the most progressive energy policies worldwide. The Danish presidency of the EU will be in full swing by the time EWEA 2012 comes around, and offers a fitting backdrop to the conference, as it will undoubtedly be an important driver in pushing the renewable energy agenda forward, as well as fostering investment in technological R&D across Europe.


Find out more information on the conference tracks:

  1. Policies, markets and programme
  2. Financing
  3. Hardware technology
  4. Resource assessment
  5. Integration in electricity systems and markets
  6. Science and research