Policies, markets and programmes

Track Chair: Jan Serup Hylleberg, Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA), Denmark

Innovations in the wind industry should be geared towards two broader objectives. Firstly, reducing the cost of wind energy in order to be competitive with all other power production technologies, and secondly to increase the value of the wind energy delivered. This track will provide an opportunity to present competing technologies and will draw conclusions on the potential winners and losers in the battle of RES and conventional technologies, against the backdrop of an increasingly integrated European power market.

The policy aspect of the track will focus on the policies supporting both the mid-term perspective until 2020 and long-term perspective post-2020. Important issues that will be raised include how EU-27 countries can cooperates in order to efficiently meet the RES-targets, and how to ensure the creation and implementation of an effective planning system, so as to avoid delays in the commissioning of wind power plants and grid reinforcement/extension, both of which are badly needed.

The track will also explore the requirements needed to foster innovation, via discussions about facilities for demonstration and testing, and R&D for components and turbines. In relation to this, private-private and private-public partnerships to encourage efficient R&D cooperation will be examined. Global and European markets for wind power will be considered in the context of planned decommissioning of existing power plants (particularly coal and nuclear), and the challenge of tightening fiscal budgets worldwide until 2020 and beyond.

Sessions in this track:

  • Post 2020: which technologies will deliver?
  • Implementation until 2020: are the EU-27 on the “NREAP-track”?
  • International markets: What is happening right now and where to go;
  • Increasing the vaule of wind power;
  • Suppliers: The innovative backbone of the European wind industry.

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