Conference Proceedings

EWEA 2012 proceedings

The proceedings include all submitted abstracts and PowerPoint presentations, synchronised audio files, video files of selected sessions, poster presentations and full papers (where available).

A full four-day conference delegate pass includes free access to the online conference proceedings website. All full delegates should have received an email with login details for the proceedings.

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Proceedings from past EWEA events

Proceedings from other past EWEA events are also available.

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Other event materials

Presentations from the pre-event seminars are now available:

EWEA Wind Energy – The Facts

DWIA – Integration of wind power

Read the EWEA 2012 Annual Event online dailies produced by Recharge

Future events

Find out about EWEA’s forthcoming conferences and workshops:

EWEA technology workshop 2: Analysis of operating wind farms in Lyon
EWEA technology workshop 3: Wind turbine noise
EWEA 2013 in Vienna
EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 in Frankfurt

We are also pleased to announced the 4th scientific conference of our scientific track partner, the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE): The Science of Making Torque from Wind. View the flyer or click here for more information.

The Science of Making Torque from Wind
Oldenburg (Oldb), Germany, October 9-11, 2012
The European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE) will hold its 4th scientific conference The Science of Making Torque from Wind. Predecessors have successfully been arranged in Delft, The Netherlands (2004), Lyngby, Denmark (2007) and Heraklion, Greece (2010). During those years the Torque Conference has established itself as Europe's leading scientific wind energy conference. Various experts from academia and industry will discuss the latest results and developments in fundamental and applied wind energy research. More details are available at: