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Visit Barcelona

Gaudi Barcelona An excellent location

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, Barcelona features pleasant and warm temperatures, inviting you to enjoy one of the world’s best city beaches all year round. Living with plenty of sunshine makes it possible to enjoy the city to the full: you can eat at open-air restaurants at any time of the year or enjoy a drink at one of its many pavement cafés, with the Mediterranean as its outstanding backdrop.

Easy access

Barcelona offers excellent transport links by air, by rail, on the road or on water. The international airport El Prat is located 16 kilometres south of the city and is connected with airport shuttles, trains and buses to the city. Barcelona has also direct national and international train connections, a comprehensive regional and suburban rail network, as well as excellent road links and motorways.

Exciting attractions await

Barcelona is the fourth most visited city in Europe, with several million tourists every year, and offers plenty of touristic attractions. A wander up and down the famous boulevard La Rambla is a ritual well worth observing. Barcelona cityThe Sagrada Família is Antoni Gaudí’s best-known work and has become an undisputed symbol of Barcelona. Extravagant, ambitious and controversial, this unique modern temple has been under construction since 1882, and is expected to be completed by 2030. Gaudí’s characteristic vivid imagination is also revealed in the site of Park Güell, showcasing his urban-planning concerns by building paths, arcades and viaducts that were fully integrated into Barcelona’s natural surroundings.

The Catalan capital has gained a truly international profile thanks to its restaurants and highly acclaimed chefs. The choice of dining options is so wide that you will find it difficult to make a decision. A stroll through Barcelona’s markets with its aromas, colours, and bustle of the crowds is an unmissable experience in every sense of the word.

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