Membership FAQ

1. What is EWEA's goal?

The object of the Association shall be to serve the needs of the organisations active in the European wind sector by providing the necessary stable regulatory framework.

EWEA aims to:

  • promote national, European and international polices and initiatives that strengthen the full development of European and global wind energy markets, technology and electricity systems,
  • promote wind energy research, development and innovation,
  • be the sole and united voice of the European wind energy industry through the joint efforts of its members,
  • be the driving force for the future direction of the sector.

With its portfolio of membership services and benefits, EWEA supports the development of its members in the European wind industry.

2. Who are EWEA's members?

EWEA membership base is composed of over 600 corporations, associations or research and academic institutions from more than 50 countries and active in the whole supply chain of the sector.

3. What does EWEA membership imply?

Investing in wind should be a long-term commitment. As part of the largest network in the wind sector, EWEA members are committed to play an active role in EWEA activities and during EWEA events.

4. How can I apply for EWEA membership?

To join simply complete and sign the membership contract and e-mail it to [email protected]. You will be contacted by our membership staff in order to be provided with more information about EWEA activities and services and learn more about your expectations with respect to EWEA membership.

5. How are EWEA membership fees calculated?

Membership fees are categorised according to the member’s turnover in the wind energy sector at a global level in the year prior to the signing of the membership contract, starting from as low as €2,000 per year for private companies and €900 per year for associations.

The annual subscription payable by the members is adjusted each year by the Board on the basis of the consumer price index of Belgium or any similar indexation chosen by the Board.

Membership that starts during the fiscal year results in the fee reduced pro-rata on a quarterly basis. Members contracted between:

  • 1 January and 31 March are charged 100% of the annual subscription,
  • 1 April and 30 June are charged 75% of the annual subscription,
  • 1 July and 30 September are charged 50% of the annual subscription,
  • 1 October and 31 December are charged 25% of the annual subscription.

6. How long does EWEA membership last?

Membership is renewed, and an invoice issued, automatically at the beginning of each year, unless it is cancelled in writing by registered letter before 30 June (6 months prior to the annual renewal date).

7. Can affiliates or subsidiaries benefit from membership subscription of the mother company?

Any affiliates or subsidiaries of which more than 50% is owned by an EWEA member may benefit from the mother company’s subscription on a case-by-case basis as decided by the Secretariat. This does not apply to joint ventures and other partnership vehicles established for a limited duration or for a specific project which shall subscribe separately.

Affiliates and subsidiaries, of which less than 50% is owned by an existing EWEA member, shall subscribe to new membership. Members of EWEA shall not share their membership benefits with their members, clients or minority-owned affiliates or subsidiaries without express permission of the Secretariat.

8. What is the General Assembly?

The General Assembly comprises all members and is hold once a year.

The powers of the General Assembly include the right:

  1. to modify the Articles of the Statutes,
  2. to expel a member,
  3. to elect, appoint and dismiss the members of the Board,
  4. to approve the annual accounts of the previous year and the working budget,
  5. to appoint and dismiss the statutory auditor and determine its remuneration,
  6. to discharge the members of the Board and the statutory auditor,
  7. to approve the Association's by laws and the modifications thereof,
  8. to decide to start legal proceedings against any member, or member of the Board, of the Association,
  9. to dissolve the Association.

9. Can individuals become EWEA members?

Only if they have made an outstanding contribution to wind energy and are invited by the Board of Directors.

EWEA is now WindEurope

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