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Emre has registered for EWEA 2013 – have you?


Emre Aydin, a student of wind turbine design, was quick off the mark recently when he became the first person to register for EWEA 2013 in Vienna next year. Emre is the first of an estimated 10,000 visitors that will visit the combined conference and exhibition. He was waiting for registration to open, and was pleasantly surprised when he saw that registration for the exhibition was free until the 14th of October. EWEA had a chat with him at his desk in Spain, where he is studying for his Masters Degree with Alstom.

Why were you so enthusiastic to register for EWEA 2013?

Well, I didn’t know I was the first one! I was waiting to register, so when it opened I reacted as soon as I could. That I could register for free was a bonus.

Have you been to EWEA events before?

Yes, I attended an EWEA Annual Event in Brussels a few years ago, when I was an intern. It was good for networking. I made some important contacts for my future career, I hope.

Who would you like to meet at EWEA 2013 in Vienna?

I plan on meeting generator manufactures, component companies – anybody that would be relevant for me and my wind turbine design studies.

Do you know about the theme of emerging markets at EWEA 2013?

No, I didn’t know. But it’s a good idea – you will get a good view of the markets. Vienna is like the bridge between the east and the west.



Registration for EWEA 2013 in Vienna is now open - and free registration to the exhibition is now available to everyone, before the 14th of October.


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