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GRIDS 2010 – the backbone of Europe’s energy future


‘GRIDS 2010 – the backbone of Europe’s energy future’ is the title of a two-day conference and exhibition organised by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) on 23-24 November in Berlin.

GRIDS 2010 – supported by ENTSO-E, BWE and VDMA Power Systems - will explore the financial, technical, policy and regulatory issues that will shape the development of a grid that meets Europe's energy, consumer and climate needs.
Upgrading, extending and connecting Europe's electricity grids is essential to meet Europe's security of power supply, emissions reduction and renewable energy targets. It is also essential for a more competitive market and cheaper electricity. Without new and better grids Europe cannot exploit its enormous wind energy resources and rapidly move towards a renewable energy economy.

But how can we achieve a European grid that works for the sources of energy that Europe is going to depend upon, that meets the requirements of the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive and the third energy market liberalisation package? Come to GRIDS 2010 to find out!
Who will be there?

  • 500+ senior industry experts
  • High level speakers from leading European utilities, manufacturers, transmission system operators and EU institutions
  • Decision makers from EU, national and local level
  • Europe's key players in transmission & distribution, cable manufacturing, installation and grid management

Sessions include:

- A new power grid for Europe: who should pay?
- Interconnecting Europe’s electricity grids
- Planning a North Sea supergrid
- Smart grids
- Transmission technologies: current and future needs
The full conference programme and speakers can be found at www.ewea.org/grids2010   
“Meeting Europe’s ambitious renewable energy targets and reducing European emissions will happen provided the role of the grids is considered as being part of the solution. GRIDS 2010 is a major step towards a better common understanding of the challenges and issues at stake” said Daniel Dobbeni, President of ENTSO-E.
"The GRIDS 2010 conference in Berlin will discuss the decisive theme for the future growth of wind energy " said Hermann Albers, President of BWE.
“For the future success of wind energy in Europe it is of utmost importance to push forcefully for speedy grid extension and optimisation” said Thorsten Herdan, Managing Director of VDMA Power Systems.
The event is open and free to the media.

For more information and to register contact:
Paolo Berrino, EWEA
[email protected]
+32 2 486 277 169



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