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ENTSO-E 10 Year Grid Development Plan


The release by ENTSO-E of the revised pilot Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) today “marks a useful step towards a much-needed European electricity grid that interconnects national electricity systems, benefits consumers, and enables the integration of large amounts of wind energy” according to Justin Wilkes, Policy Director of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

The pilot TYNDP acknowledges that “large grid investments must be undertaken at a quicker pace than during the last years so as to achieve the contemplated EU 2020 targets.”

However, it only reflects the current plans of the TSOs and not the targets of the EU and its member states. ENTSO-E promises to take into account the Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs) that Member States will submit to the European Commission this year. As a result, the report currently only envisages that 25.5% of the power demand in the EU will be supplied by RES in 2020 – considerably less than the 34% of electricity that the European Commission thinks will be provided by RES by 2020.

“It is vital to take the NREAPs into account in the TYNDP, and EWEA welcomes ENTSO-E’s commitment to do so as soon as possible” commented Wilkes. “This will result in a more realistic plan and a genuinely European vision for grid infrastructure.”

The pilot TYNDP pinpoints seven main investment clusters for a total cost of €23bn to €28bn across Europe. A significant slice of that investment is foreseen for the North Sea (€12 to 14bn) and Baltic Sea (€11 to 13bn).

“The publication of a ten year European grid development plan is good news. It’s now crucial that the NREAPs are incorporated and that plan allows the EU to meet its climate and renewable energy targets” concluded Wilkes.

The first official TYNDP is required by EU energy legislation to come out in 2012.


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