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New EWEA reports online - including how wind can lower electricity prices


This week EWEA has published two shiny new reports and one sneak preview of an upcoming report further proving the benefits of wind energy.

In one ground-breaking study, carried out by independent consultancy Pöyry AS, wind power is shown to have a downward influence on electricity prices. According to studies in Germany, Denmark and Belgium analysed by Pöyry AS, power prices were reduced from 3 to 23 €/MWh depending on the amount of wind power. However, savings are not necessarily passed on to the consumer. For the full report, click here...

A second study reveals how long it takes to get planning permission to build a wind farm in countries across the EU. Surprisingly, in one of Europe’s wind power pioneering countries – Spain – it takes 57 months for all the relevant authorities to give the green light. In Finland, however, just eight months are needed. For the complete report check ewea.org in June.

Lastly, this week EWEA published its new look, user friendly annual report. To find out more about EWEA’s activities and its staff in Brussels, click here...


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