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Wind turbines everywhere at the summit


14 December

There are wind turbines everywhere at the climate summit - real ones and images that have become a symbol of how to combat climate change.
The Presidents and Prime Ministers coming to the talks later in the week will enter next to a working turbine, 75 metres tall, plugged into the Danish electricity grid. At the main entrance to the negotiations there's a wind turbine blade - a huge 61 metre blade of the kind installed in offshore wind farms. It's there to show the thousands taking part in COP15 that the technology exists to produce power without emitting greenhouse gases.
There are images of windtubines on billboards and advertisements across the city - on trains, buses, the metro and city streets and squares. 'The world's wind resources can generate enough power to satisfy total global energy demand many times over' declares a sign at an outdoor photo exhbition in Kongens Nytorv - one of the main squares in the city centre.
Probably the least surprising place to find a turbine is on the stands of the Global Wind Energy Council and the European Wind Energy Association in the exhibition area of the COP. The model turbines are going as fast as they are being put out as delegates and observers want to bring home their own model turbine.

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