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Queuing for COP15



14 December

Thousands of cold and frustrated people who had not registered yet for the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen faced controlled chaos today as registration problems slowed and then stopped the process entirely.

After six hours of waiting in freezing temperatures, the long winding line of disgruntled would-be attendees had not even cleared security, let alone gone through the registration process.

While police with dogs restricted access to the Bella Centre site, those lucky few who were allowed to enter the grounds were subjected to further waiting until the line simply stopped, reportedly because the accreditation process had been haltded.

No reasons were given for the problems, and no toilets or coffee kiosks were provided.

At one point, the crowd half-heartedly began chanting to be let into the building but, just like the faulty registration, nothing came of the good-natured demands.

A number of people could be overheard wondering what will happen later in the week when ministers and heads of state arrive in Copenhagen to try and hammer out a new, strengthened post-Kyoto deal on reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by burning fossil fuels.

For those not at the climate talks it is hard to imagine just how huge it is. Inside, the first thing you come across is a very large exhibition area with hundreds of stands run by organisations representing an unbelievably diverse range of interests.

Of course wind energy is represented by EWEA and GWEC stands run with the help of the Danish Wind Industry Association. Windpower Works is the theme - and there's plenty of visitors passing and picking up wind power publications.

But the most popular attraction for the wind stands, apart from a two metre high wind turbine, is the freepost 'greetings from the COP' postcards where people can send their best wishes to friends and family at home.



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