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COP15 reporting around the world


Day two of COP15 dawns. As the 14,000 delegates, 4,000 United Nations delegates and 5,000 journalists prepare for the day ahead, EWEA takes a look at press coverage around the world.

Following-up on the editorial which appeared in media in 45 countries around the world yesterday, the Guardian has posted a picture gallery of all 56 newspapers that featured the opinion piece calling on world leaders to make a difference.

The International Herald Tribune reports that delegates entering the summit to register yesterday had the choice of passing under a red blow-up gateway – symbolising the dangers of climate change, or a green one asking for a binding deal for a safe future.

Interesting developments are emerging on the ‘climategate’ scandal with Denmark’s Politiken reporting that the email hackers could have been from Russia’s FSB intelligence service. The hacked information first appeared on a server in Tomsk, Siberia.

An article in the Netherlands NRC Handelsblad reports that the Copenhagen summit is simply “all about the money”. Probably the biggest stumbling block is that poor and rich countries disagree on the costs of mitigating and responding to climate change, the paper says.

Le Monde has posted an interactive quiz asking readers to test their knowledge on climate change.

Spain’s El Pais reports that the US yesterday admitted, for the first time, that CO₂ emissions can harm human health.

Today, the main focus of the summit is for all parties to state their positions on carbon cutting and financing climate change. There’ll also be side events on climate financing and how to help developing countries cover the costs of the worst effects of climate change.

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