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Next Global Wind Day taking shape


A full size wind turbine is set to go up in the centre of Brussels next summer. It will be just one of an array of fun and educational events worldwide taking place around 15 June to mark the Global Wind Day.

Thousands of people took part in the first ever Global Wind Day in 2009. Over 200 events and activities were organised in 35 different countries by EWEA, GWEC and other national wind energy associations.

From wind farm open days, conferences, exhibitions, workshops and information days to regattas, sporting contests and theatre shows, there was something for everyone, everywhere.

Now work has begun on the next Global Wind Day. The Wind Day website, www.globalwindday.org, will be updated regularly with the latest information on what’s being planned.

As always, EWEA will provide all its partners with banners, buttons, visuals, texts and other promotional materials to translate, adapt and use on websites and publications well in advance of the big day.

Global Wind Day sponsorship opportunities are available – for more information, contact Anna Hedzrak at [email protected].

A report on the success of Global Wind Day 2009 is now available on www.ewea.org and www.globalwindday.org


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