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TradeWind interim results


The TradeWind project, coordinated by EWEA, addresses one of the most challenging issues facing wind energy today, the optimum and reliable integration of this energy resource into the Trans-European power markets.

TradeWind aims to:
• facilitate the breakdown of barriers to large-scale integration of wind energy in European power systems on trans-national and European levels; and
• formulate recommendations for policy development, market rules and interconnector allocation methods to support wind power integration.

The area covered by the project consists of the synchronous zones UCTE, Nordel, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The two-year study will build further on the results of national and international wind integration studies and will seek answers to questions that have been raised. TradeWind will investigate the effect of wind power’s increasing installed capacity on the power flows in the European transmission grids, with special focus on cross-border interconnectors. Various simulations will be prepared with different network configurations and power market rules, along a timeline up to 2030. Recommendations will be formulated with respect to interconnection capacity allocation and extension and power market mechanisms, to enable an effective and economic integration of the expected degrees of wind power penetration up to 2030.

The project, which is supported by the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme, was launched in November 2006 and has now reached the end of its first phase. The progress report on this preparation phase has been submitted and the related deliverables will soon become available on the TradeWind website.

In this first phase, the wind power scenarios, models and power market rules to be used in the simulations for the next project phase have been prepared. Data has been collected from all European countries falling within the scope of the project to enable a calculation of injected power flows on the significant nodes in the European transmission grid. An EU-wide survey concerning power market rules has also been carried out.

The deliverables include reports on:
• scenarios of installed wind capacity (2010, 2015, 2020, 2030);
• estimates of forecast error for aggregated wind production;
• characteristic wind speed time series;
• models for conversion of wind speed data to aggregated regional wind power production;
• power market rules in EU Member States; and
• significant interconnectors for wind power exchange between countries.

The project partners are VTT (Finland), SINTEF (Norway), Garrad Hassan and Partners (UK), Risø-DTU (Denmark), 3E (Belgium), Tractebel (Belgium), dena (Germany) and KEMA (the Netherlands). A Project Advisory Board, comprising the main stakeholders, is providing guidance for the study.


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