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European Wind Day: events across Europe


The European Wind Day is fast approaching. On 15 June the first pan-European campaign for the promotion of wind energy will be launched. More than 20 national wind energy associations and related industries plan to take part in this EWEA initiative. Over 60 “wind events” will take place across Europe, with numerous wind farms in each country opening their doors to the general public. The aim is to explain to all interested parties how the power of wind is converted to electricity.

The wind farm open days are just one of the features of the Wind Day. The organisers spared no imagination, creativity or energy in setting up other equally appealing events. Industry players will join together in an effort to promote the popularity of wind and will encourage people to sign up for green electricity.

Some examples of the scheduled events include:
• A boat race organised by France Energie Eolienne , which will take place at Le Grau du Roi, in the Camargue area.
• A “wind instruments” concert in Madrid organised by the Spanish Asociación Empresarial Eólica, which will demonstrate the multi-faceted use of wind. The orchestra will perform outside at the Botanical Garden Juan Carlos I.
• In Italy, the Italian Wind Energy Association will present the outcome of a national and local opinion poll on wind energy.
• In Greece, the Hellenic Wind Energy Association has introduced a creative challenge through photo and painting competitions. The best entries will be rewarded with exciting prizes on 15 June in Athens.

But all the action is not focused only in the South of Europe. Northern and Central Europeans are as motivated as their Mediterranean counterparts. In Germany, the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) will take this opportunity to launch two new wind farms in Jüterborg and in Ellhöft, the latter also being the start of a cross-border repowering project with Denmark. In Austria and the Netherlands, events will focus on children’s activities and education. A variety of exciting activities will also take place in the Scandinavian Peninsula, the UK and Ireland.

The interest shown in this initiative by countries in Central and Eastern Europe has been extraordinary. Is this a signal that wind energy markets are expanding? Only time will tell, but for now we can look forward to the Wind Day celebrations.

The Polish Wind Energy Association will hold a big event in Szczecin, which will include entertainment for children, exhibitions and concerts. All these activities will be complemented by a “windy” decorative theme, inspired by the famous Polish artist, Jaroslaw Koziara. In Hungary, six wind farms will open their doors, one of which (in Budapest) will demonstrate the workings of a small 30kw hybrid wind and solar PV system. Finally, the eclectic organiser in the Lithuanian Wind Energy Association will set up entertainment and a national writing competition for young people aged between 11 and 18, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Education. It goes without saying that the subject matter will be related to wind power.

Belgium, as the centre of European politics, is lucky enough to have three wind energy associations operating on its territory and they are working in close cooperation for the European Wind Day. While the two national associations will organise local events and visits to wind farms, EWEA will set up a spectacular exhibition at the heart of the European Institutions area in Brussels. High-level speakers, including the Commissioner for Energy, Andris Piebalgs, will take part in a press conference for the official launch of the European Wind Day. Along with other events, on 15 June, EWEA will launch the first Europe-wide wind energy photographic competition, in collaboration with Photo, the most popular photography magazine worldwide. The results of the competition will be announced in September.

For more information, contact details and locations of the 60 events across Europe, please visit www.windday.eu

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