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‘Seize the Opportunity’ – New EWEA campaign calls for fast action to win the energy battle


Europe is currently at a crossroads, facing energy and environmental challenges. If Europe takes action now, it can win the energy battle of the future, by developing, using and exporting its own power and technology.

‘Seize the opportunity’ is a new campaign to be launched by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in Milan next week. It calls for fast action by European decision makers to turn the looming energy and environmental crisis into an opportunity for Europe.

This year’s European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (EWEC), to be held in Milan from 7-10 May 200,7 will be opened by a film entitled “Seize the opportunity”, which illustrates the opportunities and benefits that wind power can provide to tackle the current challenges.

Europe has opened the door to a sustainable future, with EU Heads of State agreeing to adopt a binding 20% target for renewables by 2020. With this goal in place, Europe must now take action, by swiftly developing and implementing an effective legislative framework to provide the clarity and confidence needed for long-term investments. 

The film compares the challenge of shifting our energy supply towards renewables with the risks and costs of continuing the existing energy supply structure. It will be sent to European energy ministers in an attempt to convince them to face up to the crisis and take appropriate action. Strong political will combined with real energy efficiency efforts, means that 30% of Europe’s electricity needs could be supplied by renewable sources within the next 25 years.  

EWEC will analyse and debate the steps required in order for wind energy to supply a large share of European electricity needs. These include:
- suring stable political frameworks and the effective separation of transmission and distribution activities;
- upgrading the existing power infrastructure and changing grid operation practices to incorporate wind energy;
- taking steps to maintain cost reductions; 
- increasing offshore wind production; and 
- intensifying research, innovation and technological progress in the wind sector.

The conference will also discuss ways in which to reduce legislative barriers and increase public awareness.

The opening session of the conference will be addressed by a range of speakers with high-level political involvement in energy and the environment. Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, the Italian Minister of the Environment, will kick off by talking about the challenges facing Italy’s wind industry, namely achieving the 20% renewables target. European institutions will be represented by MEP Mechtild Rothe, Vice-President of the European Parliament, and Fabrizio Barbaso, Deputy Director General of the European Commission’s Energy and Transport Directorate.

Up to 3,000 people are expected to attend this year’s event, which will take place in the Milano Convention Centre from 7-10 May. Over 200 presenters from leading companies and institutions will speak in 40 separate business, technical and workshop sessions, with nine parallel workshops. The associated exhibition will feature more than 200 of the leading wind power hardware and service suppliers.

The ‘Seize the opportunity’ campaign will be launched at a press conference on Monday 7 May, at 12.30 in the Press Room, located inside the Milano Convention Centre (Via Gattamelata, 5, Milan, Italy), during which the EWEA film,‘Seize the opportunity’, will be shown . For more information, please contact Isabelle Valentiny: +32 474 54 20 25 or visit: www.ewec2007.info.


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