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The European Wind Day : ‘The first ever pan-European campaign for the promotion of wind energy’


On 15 June, you are invited to participate in the first ever pan-European campaign for the promotion of wind energy. From all corners of Europe, wind energy associations, manufacturers, producers, and other stakeholders will celebrate the power of wind by setting up a wide range of activities. Organised and coordinated by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), the European Wind Day aims at increasing awareness among decision-makers and the public on the power and potential of wind.

The decision taken by European Heads of State to endorse a 20% binding target for renewable energies was a clear step in the right direction.  With this decision, if followed by effective implementation in the near future, Europe now has a real opportunity to exploit wind energy - a secure, indigenous, clean and infinite energy source.

EWEA and its partners want to promote the power of wind across Europe as an effective way to curb the climate and energy crisis. On 15 June, the European wind industry will encourage European citizens to switch to green electricity.

The European Wind Day will be celebrated across the continent, with events taking place simultaneously in Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, Madrid, Berlin, Budapest, Rome and other major cities. National associations, manufacturers and wind developers will all organise ‘wind events’ in their respective towns and cities and also at wind farms.

The European Wind Day is a Europe-wide event that will:

- Promote the power of wind across Europe as a popular and effective energy source
- Explain why wind energy is a key solution to the energy and climate crisis
- Encourage European citizens to sign up for green electricity

For more information about the European Wind Day, the forthcoming events across Europe, and the campaign participants, please contact EWEA Communication team [email protected] or log on the official website www.windday.eu


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