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UpWind session at EWEC 2007


The UpWind project, which was launched on 1 March 2006 in Athens, will present its first results in May this year, during EWEC 2007 in Milan.

The integrated project UpWind explores the boundaries encountered when upscaling wind turbines to magnitudes of 10 MW. Design tools for future very large wind turbines (8-10 MW) standing in wind farms of several hundred MW, both on- and off-shore, will be re-evaluated. An important aspect of the project is the integration of various disciplines, such as rotor aerodynamics and the conceptual design of innovative components including drive trains and electrical conversion systems and control. Coordinated by the Risø National Laboratory (Denmark), this large long-term research effort involves 42 partners and will run for 5 years.

The progress made so far by the project consortium will be presented during a workshop at the EWEC 2007 conference. The UpWind workshop will take place on Thursday 10 May from 09:00 to 10:30. This project has a total budget of €22.3 million of which €14.3 is financed by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme.

To consult the conference programme, please click here. If you wish to obtain more information on the UpWind project, please consult the project website: www.upwind.eu  


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