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Conclusions of the Renewable Energy Policy Conference


The European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) co-organised the 2007 European Renewable Energy Policy Conference, which took place in Brussels on 29-31 January, together with the German Federal Ministry for the Environment in the frame of the German Presidency of the EU. The conference attracted over 800 stakeholders with wide range of backgrounds from 45 countries.

The conference focused on the future role of renewable energy in the context of the three energy policy goals of security of energy supply, environmental protection and competitiveness. Overall, the Conference emphasised the need for the EU to strengthen its leading position in the field of renewable energy technology and to increase the contribution of renewable energy to the Lisbon Strategy, by creating new jobs and guaranteeing economic growth in the EU, in particular through export opportunities.

To reflect the ongoing policy debate on the new Energy Policy for Europe, proposed by the European Commission as well as at international level, the Conference underlined that:

- renewable Energy is an integral part of an integrated European Energy and Climate Policy to combat climate change, enhance energy security and increase job opportunities and economic growth both in the European Union and worldwide; 
- renewables have the potential to grow much faster than any other energy source - a stable policy framework conditions and a level playing field would provide much needed investment security; and 
- renewables have considerable potential to reduce Europe’s dependency on energy imports, to diversify energy sources and to boost distributed generation, thus widening the scope for solidarity in the EU.

The conclusions reached during the Conference were presented by the facilitator, Mr. Svend Auken, Denmark’s former Energy Minister, as the Brussels Declaration on the New Role of Renewable Energy Sources for a Sustainable, Secure and Competitive Energy Future for Europe.

The proceedings, presentations and video recordings of the 2007 European Renewable Energy Policy Conference are now available on www.erec.org/events/2007PolicyConference


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