Wind power growth in Asia is part of the region’s future

» By | Published 29 Feb 2012 |

Annual statistics recently released by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) once again show the massive growth in cumulative wind power capacity in Asia, to 82,398 MW last year from 61,106 MW at the end of 2010.

When matched with Asia’s continuing population increases, the GWEC statistics seem to indicate that the region as a whole is well placed to incorporate even greater amounts of wind power into its grids in coming decades as the world replaces dirty carbon energy sources with green sustainable electricity.


UK government support for wind energy under the spotlight

» By | Published 28 Feb 2012 |

Wind energy has made headlines in the UK this week with the Guardian reporting that the views of some Members of Parliament could scupper billions of pounds of investment and the creation of hundreds of new jobs in wind energy.

The paper reports that “billions of pounds’ worth of investment in Britain’s energy infrastructure is on hold or uncertain because of concerns over the government’s commitment to wind energy.” Leading energy companies surveyed by the Guardian with plans to set up factories, research facilities and other developments have said they need reassurance on the UK government’s commitment to wind energy before they go ahead.


Calls for 2030 renewable energy and carbon reduction targets intensify

» By | Published 24 Feb 2012 |

A coalition of eight leading European energy companies has written a letter to the European Commission and Presidency of the European Council calling for legally binding 2030 targets for renewable energy, carbon cutting and energy efficiency as well as for the modernisation of energy infrastructure.

The letter was signed by SSE, Eneco, DONG Energy, Public Power Corporation, ACCIONA, Sorgenia, EWE and EDP Renewables.

“The lack of binding targets post 2020, an ETS [Emissions Trading System] failing to stimulate investment in renewables, and an outdated energy infrastructure severely threaten to wreck the needed modernisation and decarbonisation of the European energy sector,” the letter published by Euractiv says.


Murky revelations reveal climate change sceptic group plans to step up its attack

» By | Published 23 Feb 2012 |

Those who wonder why it seems to take governments so long to go about tackling climate change should be aware of recent stories linking a US non-profit foundation with deliberate attempts to pretend global warming isn’t nearly as serious an issue as most scientists say it is.

Media outlets and websites have been reporting the past week about leaked documents from the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based libertarian think tank that aggressively downplays the existing and potential ravages of climate change.


Offshore wind energy strongest performer under European Commission’s recovery plan

» By | Published 22 Feb 2012 |

Vilma Radvilaite

The European Commission has just published a mid-term review of its European Energy Programme for Recovery which reveals that offshore wind energy is the strongest performer under the scheme. But what is this scheme all about and how exactly is offshore wind the strongest? The EWEA blog talks to Vilma Radvilaite, Regulatory Affairs Advisor at EWEA to find out…

What is the European Energy Programme for Recovery?

Back in 2009, the EU launched a plan to help Europe face-up to the financial crisis and rising concerns about energy security and climate change. Some €4 billion was allocated to the plan – called the European Economic Recovery Plan (EERP) – focusing on projects that were capable of making quick and effective use of significant amount of funding.
Three areas were considered to meet these criteria: offshore wind energy, gas and electricity infrastructure projects and carbon capture and storage (CCS).