Facebook drive to reach 45% by 2030

» By | Published 28 Jun 2011 |

45% by 2030 is a new initiative to achieve a 45% binding target for renewable energy in the EU by 2030 – the only way that we will avoid the most serious effects of climate change in the not-too-distant future.

Europe’s energy system must undergo radical change. This is the key to fulfilling the European Union’s committment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95% by 2050 in order to avoid the most serious effects of climate change, for the well-being of our socities.


Portuguese children learn about wind energy on Global Wind Day

» By | Published 27 Jun 2011 |

By Vera Costa, Enercon


Finally Global Wind Day arrived. But on 15 June it looked like god Eólo didn’t get along with god Sun and princess Rain… we had rain in the morning, which meant postponing activities outside with the kids to the afternoon. Luckily by then we had a party with huge sunshine over us! The local community also took the opportunity to join the party. All over town you could see the Global Wind Day pinwheels spinning, spinning, spinning!


Radar and wind turbines – learning to live together

» By | Published 23 Jun 2011 |

Some of the most significant objections to wind farms have come from aviation authorities.

Rotating wind turbines have been found to confuse radar systems, potentially compromising air traffic control. Air traffic controllers say they have to differentiate between aircraft and wind turbines.


Wind power exhibitions on tour in Bulgaria

» By | Published 21 Jun 2011 |

By Mariyana Yaneva, Bulgarian Wind Energy Association

This year, the Global Wind Day was celebrated in Sofia for the first time. The Bulgarian Wind Energy Association organized an exhibition of photos, charts and technical instruments to present the modern wind industry, its heritage from the past and the opportunities wind power holds for the future.


Global Wind Day festivities enthrall people around the world

» By | Published 21 Jun 2011 |

A sampling of last week’s Global Wind Day events — from New Zealand to Argentina, Belgium to Canada, the US to India, Australia to Japan — reveals a rapidly growing interest in harnessing the emissions-free power of wind energy.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, children at a state school developed their imagination and creativity by drawing cartoons and comic strips which focused on learning about wind power’s many benefits.