Campaign replaces fiction with facts

» By | Published 24 Oct 2013

Think wind turbines cost too much taxpayer money? That the wind farm planned for the neighbourhood will bring down your house price? That you won’t be able to sleep for the noise?

The ‘Act on Facts’ campaign launched by Vestas in Australia in June 2013 and today, 24 October in Sweden, puts the facts on the table and exposes myths like those above for what they are through short videos and an information packed website:

“Wind energy projects are being put at risk by an increasingly organised and influential anti-wind

movement. The Act on Facts campaign is designed to counter factually flawed arguments and

misinformation and to tip the balance back in wind energy’s favour,” say Morten Albæk, Vestas Group Senior Vice President globally responsible for marketing, communications and public affairs.

So, check out that website to find out that renewable energy received $88 billion in subsidies in 2011 while fossil fuels received $523 billion – six times more!

About house prices: there is no impact due to wind farms.

About noise: turbines are not louder than the wind in the trees.

The Act on Facts campaign will be rolled out to the UK and Ireland on 6 November.

For more facts on wind energy you can also have a look at the ‘wind energy basics’ section of EWEA’s website:

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