EWEA CEO: BusinessEurope “on another planet” on energy policy

» By | Published 03 May 2013
Thomas Becker, EWEA CEO.

Thomas Becker, EWEA CEO.

Commenting on the call from BusinessEurope Director General Markus J Beyrer on EU energy policy, European Wind Energy Association CEO Thomas Becker had this to say;

It sounds a little old fashioned when BusinessEurope claims that fighting climate change is not compatible with cost-competitiveness and security of supply. What have they been doing for the last 15 years? What planet were they on?

The main problem of the energy situation today in Europe is the massive subsidies – still in 2013 – going to fossil fuels and nuclear.

If that was corrected and with a properly functioning electricity market there would be no discussion of what choice policy makers would make for the energy mix.

But even without such a correction, wind energy is already cheaper than nuclear, and in an increasing number of locations already cost competitive with new gas and coal.

Wind energy does not have to be bought and transported into Europe from sometimes unreliable suppliers. Paying higher and higher bills for importing fossil fuels is not my idea of security of supply.

A 2030 target for renewable energy is the best way to make all renewables more cost-competitive, would create jobs and huge investment in Europe – rather than in some fossil-fuel producing country. It would ensure that the world-leading European wind industry grows and flourishes even more.

It is time for BusinessEurope to stop representing the interests of fossil fuel exporting regimes and start representing the interests of European businesses.