Austrians love wind turbines

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Austrian comedian Gerald Fleischhacker abseiled from a wind turbine for GWD 2011

In just under one month wind power fans across the globe will be taking part in Global Wind Day. From wind farm open days to street entertainment, if you’d like to find out what’s going on near you, visit Here, in this guest post, Lukas Pawek, Global Wind Day Coordinator in Austria, tells the EWEA blog about the importance of GWD in his country….

Austrians love wind turbines: this could be the slogan of Global Wind Day 2012 in Austria. Too often people talk about wind turbines like they are an eyesore. Yes, wind turbines don’t grow naturally like trees do, but this also applies to swimming pools, cars, bridges and silos (which you can see everywhere in Austria). But in Austria the majority of people like wind farms – a recent survey found that 77% of Austrians are in favour of wind power – and we’re proud of that.

Many local inhabitants think of wind farms in their surroundings as landmarks –in addition to the economic benefits communities near a farm can gain. This visual value gets a special meaning this year at Global Wind Day: the international wind power photo competition “Wind in Mind” received special attention in Austria and one in seven entries to the competition were from Austria. Moreover, Austrian companies BEWAG and Hartlauer awarded special prizes to Austrian photographers.

In addition to this competition, our biggest Global Wind Day event in Austria has another visual focus – “Art meets Windpower”. Under the slogan “DON QUIJOTE- WIND -WOGEN- WIRKEN“ thousands of visitors can experience the combination of windpower and modern art at the picturesque Burg Hochosterwitz castle in Carinthia.

The Austrian Wind Energy Association coordinates Global Wind Day in Austria. This year’s events will set a new record: More than 20 events will be organised. Here is a short list of events:

2, 16 and 26 June: St. Pölten, Lower Austria
10 June: Weinviertel, Lower Austria
10 June: Schrick, Lower Austria
12 June – 30 September: Castle Hochosterwitz, Carinthia, Launsdorf. Three special GWD events are planned.
14 June: Linz, Upper Austria
15 June: Markgrafneusiedl, Lower Austria
16 June: Kreuzstetten, Lower Austria
16-17 June: Lichtenegg, Lower Austria
16 June: Moschkogel, Styria
17 June: Weiden, Burgenland
22 June: Dürnkrut, Lower Austria
22-24 June: Donauinselfest, Vienna
1-2 September: Pfaffenschlag, Lower Austria
16 September: Trautmannsdorf, Lower Austria

You can find detailed information of each event here:
I hope to see you in Austria.

Lukas Pawek

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