What’s going on at the EWEA 2012 exhibition in Copenhagen?

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Gian Michele Rossi, Elpower, signing up to support free movement of electricity

The EWEA 2012 Annual Event in Copenhagen may have a packed and highly informative conference agenda, but at the same time the exhibition is buzzing to the tune of inter-industry networking and teeming with show-cases of the industry’s latest innovations. We spent the afternoon talking to exhibitors and visitors on the floor…

While thousands of people were attending presentations, panel sessions and debates Tuesday at the EWEA 2012, many others strolled through the adjoining cavernous exhibition halls to learn more about wind power products and services.

With 12,000 square metres of exhibition space and 525 exhibitors at the Bella Center, there was simply something for everyone.

At European Wind Energy Association’s stand, Gian Michele Rossi from Elpower was busy adding his company to an ever-growing list of voices supporting EWEA’s campaign for the free movement of electricity. The campaign, which now has 65 supporters, is calling for an internal market for electricity in the EU and the necessary grid infrastructure to achieve this.

Meanwhile, visitors to the stand can fill in a quiz all about Europe’s electricity market and put themselves in the running to win a Kindle. If you are already at EWEA 2012 or planning on attending tomorrow, make sure you don’t miss out!

Another stand featured CJR Wind, a subsidiary of a 40-year-old construction and road company from Portugal, which started working in the wind power sector in 2002, involved in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Liberio Pereira, CJR Wind’s Senior Project Manager of Installation, said the company now has about 350 employees and a wind power portfolio of approximately 1,000 MW installed.

Pereira said the company currently has offices in Portugal, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. He said the rapidly expanding wind power sector has helped his company grow considerably in the past decade.

“I think the wind power sector is important for the environment,” Pereira said. “We are fighting right now for a better world. It’s a green energy and welcome to the environment.”

He said he didn’t use to be much of an environmentalist before learning about wind energy and its emissions-free characteristics. “I feel proud to belong to this business because we are taking care of the future of the planet.”

Pereira also said he enjoyed being part of the exhibition. “It’s an important exhibition focused on wind energy. This is like a cathedral for the wind industry.”

At another stand, Torben Ronlev Hempel was proudly explaining how his company, Fiberline Composites, fits into the wind power world.

Hempel said Fiberline is a Danish company that has been involved in the wind energy sector for the past 25 years. He said it specialises in using fibre-reinforced polymers, which are lighter than steel or aluminium but strong, non-corrosive and much lighter.

One example, he said, is a heli-hoist platform attached to a wind turbine that allows a technician to be lowered to the turbine from a helicopter. He said the company also builds tower covers that can be re-used as the turbine is being constructed. In addition, the company supplies a variety of gratings and handrails for use in wind farms.

Hempel added the company now has 160 employees in three divisions, the largest of which services the wind power sector. “It’s very vital for us to be part of the wind power business,” Hempel said.

Meanwhile, outside the Bella Center, LM Wind Power are exhibiting their latest record-breaking turbine blade. At some 73.5 metres long the blade takes up a large part of the carpark outside the venue and is attracting much attention.

Right by the blade, Volkswagen are offering free trials in their new Golf Blue-e-Motion electric car. The car’s top speed is 135 km/h and a fully charged battery will take you 150km.

Are you missing out? Find out how you can visit the exhibition and attend tomorrow’s conference highlights on the outlook for project finance in the next three years, and how to keep investors happy here.

Additional reporting by Chris Rose.

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