Development of the offshore grid in the Baltic/North Sea area

Tuesday 17 March 2009, 15:00 – 18:00

'Gyptis' room (Palais des Arts, Parc Chanot)

The development of offshore wind power generation in Europe will play an essential role for meeting the binding 2020 climate protection targets - including increasing the share of renewable energy to 20% by 2020.

In order to fulfil its potential of 50GW by 2020, and 100-150GW in the long-term, the integration of offshore wind power in the Baltic and North Sea area needs to progress substantially. Yet, this increase in offshore capacity will put additional pressure on the performance and grid operation of the electricity network in the Baltic and North Sea area.

This workshop represented one of the key deliverables of the first annual report (September 2008) of Mr G. Adamowitsch, the European Coordinator for the "Connection to offshore wind power in Northern Europe (North Sea – Baltic Sea)".

The workshop:

  • Presented TSO-based planning of the three-legged interconnector for Krieger's Flak and of a modular design of the North Sea Grid.

  • Emphasised the need to progress from national to regional/European solutions including a "to-do list" for technical standardisation.

  • Raised awareness for coordinated actions such as a coalition for "50 GW Offshore – NOW!"

The workshop aimed at representatives from transmission system operators, industry, governmental bodies, national regulators and non governmental organisations.

Workshop speakers:

Development of the offshore grid in the Baltic/North Sea area
Georg W. Adamowitsch, European Coordinator for Connection of Offshore wind power in Northern Europe (North Sea - Baltic Sea)

First European Offshore Grid at the Baltic Sea - Kriegers Flak: Techniques, Economics and Challenges
Rüdiger Reinisch, Vattenfall Europe Transmission GmbH & Antje Orths, & Mr Ulf Moberg, Svenska Kraftnätt

Modular design for the development of the offshore/onshore grid in the North Sea
Kjartan Hauglum, Statnett SF (rapporteur of the working group for offshore/onshore grid development in Northern Europe)

Financing renewables and transmission infrastructure projects
Paola Bresesti, European Investment Bank

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