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Seeking the right winds to draw investors


Leading experts in the wind energy industry meet in Helsinki to discuss improving the accuracy of wind resource assessments to attract investors in early project stages.

Resource Assessment 2015

Around 200 experts from the wind industry and research communities gathered in Helsinki, Finland, on 2 and 3 June 2015 to attend EWEA’s bi-annual wind resource assessment technology workshop. The focus of this year’s edition was how to measure and reduce uncertainty in wind resource assessment to increase the bankability of wind power projects.

The workshop looked at ways to improve the reliability of mesoscale models for site selection, latest developments in site suitability assessment methods, best practice in LiDAR uses onshore and offshore for measuring the wind resource, a comprehensive approach to modelling turbine performance and closed with a call for more data-sharing across the industry to improve modelling in the area of wakes. The workshop also featured the presentation of results from the first mesoscale modelling benchmarking ever and the second offshore CREYAP. A call for data for the elaboration of a new European Wind Atlas was also issued. A key message was that cooperation and data-sharing is key to ensure that uncertainty is reduced, especially in the pre-construction phase, so as to lower the risk perception of investors and increase project bankability.

The sessions were complemented by another 25 poster presentations which gave participants an extensive overview of developments in the field of resource assessment.

The workshop offered excellent networking opportunities, with seven exhibitors, extended breaks and a workshop dinner in the historic premises of Helsinki’s City Hall, where participants were welcomed by Helsinki’s deputy mayor Anni Sinnemäki.

The proceedings of the event (oral and poster presentations + audio) are available free of charge to all participants and EWEA members, and can be accessed via the members area of the EWEA website. For non-members, please contact Mia Magazin.


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