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Having listened to our Members, who stated in the 2012 membership survey that recruitment and retention of qualified staff is a challenge, and seeing the difficulties in the jobs market for many in the wind industry, EWEA has initiated a Careers Day to take place during the 2013 Annual Event in Vienna.

In addition, an on-going survey (one for candidates and one for employers) on the ‘Ten most wanted profiles’ in the wind industry, carried out by Greenfish, has identified the areas where the jobs demand is right now in the wind industry. The results will be revealed at the Careers Day.

It is possible to take part in the survey up until the 10th of January, here. Candidates and employees should complete the survey to see whether their profile belongs to the 10 most wanted ones by recruiting companies and what skills and competences hiring companies are looking for. EWEA members and exhibiting companies at EWEA 2013 should participate in the survey to find out which profiles are most sought after (are your competitors looking for the same profiles as your company?) and to give EWEA 2013 participants your view of the general employment situation in the sector.

The Green Growth report from EWEA forecasted that over the next 20 years both direct and indirect employment will accelerate as a result of the expansion of wind energy in emerging markets, due to the growth of offshore wind (between 2.5 and three times more labour intensive than onshore wind). To this end, an additional matchmaking event will be carried out on Careers Day, to ensure that the right profile fits the right job by facilitating the meeting between hiring companies and relevant candidates.

Come to the Careers Day on 7 February at EWEA 2013 if:
• Recruitment issues concern you and you would like to contribute to the debate.
• You are working in human resources and are looking for recruitment solutions.
• You are looking for a job in the wind sector.
• You are not actively looking to change jobs but would like to know more about market trends and training opportunities.
• You work in a university and can offer study programs for students interested in the wind sector.

Presentations on the day will be made by TP Wind, GL Garrad Hassan and the European Academy of Wind Energy, amongst others.  


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