Wind Power Poland 2016

8-9 March 2016, Expo XXI, Warsaw, Poland

Renewables at the heart of EU Energy Union - and with huge potential in Poland

The EU is committed to strengthening energy cooperation among its Member States. The EU Energy Union and its vision for a new energy market design aim to build truly integrated regional markets that ensure energy security.  Renewable energy is at the heart of this integration.

The EU has agreed that renewables should provide just under half of its total electricity consumption by 2030. Such a high share of renewables requires significant adaptation of energy markets to create fair and sustainable conditions for their further growth.

The Baltic Sea region has massive wind potential and could become both a leader in renewables and a leading region for electricity market integration in Europe.  Offshore wind in the region could expand to as much as 15 GW by 2030, while onshore wind could grow by another 30-45 GW.

Poland, for many years considered the most conservative child in the European energy family, has already installed more than 5 GW onshore wind capacity installs.  That is more than wind's homeland - Denmark.  Another 10 GW onshore and up to 6 GW offshore wind in the Baltic Sea are forecast for Poland by 2030.

This year's Polish wind energy event in Warsaw will gather over 2500 participants, including high-ranking EU and national officials, key wind industry representatives and NGOs. Their discussions will cover developments in wind energy in Poland and the wider region, how to further strengthen Poland's rapidly growing wind industry - and how to integrate wind and other renewables into the energy system in Poland and its neighbouring countries as part of the EU's Energy Union.   

Specific issues the event will cover include:

  1. The impact of the regionalisation of power markets and the redesign of EU electricity markets
  2. Offshore wind opportunities in Poland and the Baltic region
  3. The new Polish support scheme for renewables: how it can improve the investment climate for wind energy, and
  4. New opportunities for financial and insurance services, as well as for operation and maintenance operators

We look forward to seeing you at PWEA 2016, in Warsaw on 8-9 March, 2016.

Giles Dickson
CEO, European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)
Wojciech Cetnarski
President, Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA)


Sponsorship and Exhibition

If you are interested in sponsorship or exhibition opportunities at Wind Power Poland 2016, please contact Raul Lanzarote, Tel: +32 2 213 18 48, Email: [email protected]

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