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EWEA presents market design vision at OECD event in Paris


Europe must rewrite the rulebook governing electricity markets, European Wind Energy Association Chief Executive Officer Giles Dickson said at the UN climate summit today.

Speaking at a side event organised by the OECD, Dickson said that power markets must be reformed so that electricity can be traded at the closest time to production through so-called 'intraday markets'.

He also argued that cross-border electricity trading should be facilitated and additional revenue streams for renewable energy generators such as grid support services – otherwise known as ancillary services – should be developed to supplement the energy-only market.

"Wind energy is capable of providing additional services such as voltage and frequency control, but these elements are not yet adequately rewarded," Dickson added.

Today wind energy is achieving a scale and cost-effectiveness that are transforming the energy landscape. Yet low wholesale electricity prices, depressed by a combination of low demand and overcapacity in conventional generation assets, are impacting investments in new installations. To tackle this lawmakers need to reform Europe's energy markets by increasing interconnections, broadening the balancing area and facilitating electricity trading across all timeframes.

EWEA's CEO participated in the panel session alongside Simon Mueller, Renewable Energy Division, IEA, Jan Keppler, Division of Nuclear Development, NEA, Mauricio Tolmasquim, Director, Brazilian Energy Planning Agency; Jeanne Ng, CLP, Hong Kong.

From Twitter:

We need to move to wind energy because it simply makes economic sense, EWEA CEO tells @OECD event at #COP21 pic.twitter.com/4OVd1QVYwE

— EWEA (@EWEA) December 4, 2015

Giles Dickson: We must be able to trade electricity at closest time to production. Need for intraday markets #COP21 pic.twitter.com/IOKgPZlX13

— EWEA (@EWEA) December 4, 2015

Demand response is essential to the modern electricity markets. Energy-intensive industries can participate here. #COP21 #EnergyUnion

— EWEA (@EWEA) December 4, 2015

Gas not balancing variable renewables. The whole system is responsible for balancing, EWEA's CEO says at @OECD event #COP21 #EnergyUnion

— EWEA (@EWEA) December 4, 2015

Giles Dickson @EWEA: #Windenergy makes economic sense. #COP21 https://t.co/j5t3M0Aouj pic.twitter.com/zc2tx8TBd5

— OECD Environment (@OECD_ENV) December 4, 2015


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